What is amR and how does it work?

amR specializes in Chainstitch Embroidery, design and events activation. The machines we work on very old and incredibly rare making amR uniquely positioned as a fresh, original and fun solution for your next project or event. When you hire amR our quote includes everything you need to make your project or event a success. We include delivery of all machines, set up and breakdown, as well as all the thread and supplies. There are no hidden costs or setup fees, we package our quotes to keep it as straight forward and streamlined as possible.

Why should you choose Chainstitch Embrodery for your next event?

Interactive Art: Audiences can witness the process first hand, gaining insights into the skills, precision, and craftsmanship involved. This fosters a greater appreciation for the art form and the effort behind creating embroidered pieces.

Preservation of Traditional Craftsmanship: Chainstitch embroidery has a rich cultural heritage around the world. Live events that showcase this craft help preserve traditional craftsmanship by showcasing its beauty and significance. By witnessing the process and learning about the history and cultural context, guest gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the art form.

Customization and Personalization: Live chainstitch events often offer the opportunity for attendees to have personalized or custom Chainstitch embroidery done on their own garments or accessories. This allows individuals and brands to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their personal style and preferences. The ability to witness the creation of these custom designs adds to the value and emotional connection individuals have with their embroidered items.

Marketing and Brand Promotion: For brands Chainstitch embroidery events serve as a platform to showcase their work and attract potential customers. It offers an opportunity to engage with a targeted audience, demonstrate their expertise, and build brand recognition. Live chainstitch events can generate interest, create a memorable experience, and will no doubt lead to more sales and brand awareness.

Community Building: Live chainstitch events often bring together like-minded individuals who share an interest in fashion, craft, or sustainability. These events create a sense of community and allow attendees to connect with fellow enthusiasts, artists, or brands. It fosters networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas, further enhancing your brand and event.

Can I hire amR for my wedding, private or corporate event?

Yes, absolutely! Having amR design and stitch custom Chainstitch Embroidery on site is a fun, unique and totally interactive experience for you and your guests. Get in touch HERE and tell us more about your event and we’ll get back with you on how we can help.

Where is amR located?

amR has offices in both Sydney and Los Angeles. We have over 10 years experience servicing clients globally so please get in touch HERE with you event or project details and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.

Does amR only Chainstitch to clothing?

No, we work on all sorts of projects, including hats, shoes, tot bags, bandannas, artworks, greeting cards and much more. You don’t have to be a clothing brand to work with amR. We’ve worked with jewelry brands and corporate companies who are not in the textiles industry. In many cases brands come to us to Chainstitch one of a kind gifts for their staff or customers. We also source products to help you create that unique customizable gifting experience. Click HERE and share with us little more about your project.

What is the difference between Chainstitch Embrodery and Digital Embroidery?

Chainstitch Embroidery is a traditional and manual technique that involves creating a series of looped stitches that resemble chains. Chainstitch embroidery offers more flexibility in terms of design and stitch variations. It allows for thicker and more textured stitches, giving a distinct look and feel to the final embroidery. Since it is a manual technique, chainstitch embroidery often reflects the craftsmanship and artistic skill of the embroiderer. It can convey a sense of handcrafted uniqueness and authenticity Chainstitch embroidery is a relatively slower process compared digital embroidery. It requires a skilled artisan to run the machine.

Digital embroidery, also known as computerized embroidery or machine embroidery, involves using computer-controlled embroidery machines to stitch designs onto fabric. The design is created using embroidery software and then loaded into the embroidery machine. The machine automatically stitches the design onto the fabric according to the programmed instructions. All though digital embroidery is faster, it lacks any artistic feel and often looks flat compared to the look and feel of Chainstitch embroidery.

Can I commission custom Chainstitch Embrodery from amR?

Yes, we are currently open for custom commissions. If you are looking to design something for you or someone you love, or you’ve seen a piece on our social media that you’d like us to re-make get in touch HERE

Can amR offer scaled production with Chainstitch Embroidery?

After many years of research and development amR can now offer scaled production Chainstitch embroidery to our clients. This is a break through in our industry and involves a team of highly skilled textiles experts with years on embroidery experience to get you the highest quality Chainstitch products at scale. Get in touch HERE and let’s chat about how we can help your brand go to the next level with this truly unique product.

How do I clean and take care of Chainstitch Embroidery?

The best way is to dry clean your Chainstitch garment. Alternatively, you can hand wash Chainstitch clothing to minimize stress on the delicate work. Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and use a mild detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics. Gently swirl the garment in the water, avoiding any rough agitation. Rinse thoroughly.
Do not soak the garment for an extended period, as this can weaken the stitching. Limit the time the garment spends in water to prevent any damage. After washing, carefully remove excess water by gently squeezing or rolling the garment in a towel. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric, as it can distort the Chainstitching. Lay the clothing flat on a clean, dry towel or hang it on a padded hanger to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources, as they can fade colors and damage the fabric.
If necessary, iron your Chainstitch clothing on the reverse side using a low to medium heat setting. Place a thin cloth or pressing cloth over the chainstitch area to protect it from direct heat. Avoid ironing directly on the Chainstitching, as it can flatten or distort the stitches.
When not in use, store your Chainstitch clothing in a clean, dry place. Avoid folding or hanging the garment in a way that puts stress on the Chainstitching. If you're hanging it, use a padded hanger to distribute the weight and prevent stretching.
If you notice any loose or damaged Chainstitch threads, it's best to repair it promptly to prevent further damage. If you need help with repairs please contact us HERE we’d be happy to help.