Chainstitch NFTs

amR’s rise into the NFT/Web 3 fashion world is almost something of a synchronistic journey. Artist and designer Kai Brown has always believed in the power of creating and wearing your own unique style. Kai is also a firm believer in blockchain technology being the future of art, fashion and commerce.

amR, has been working in the custom fashion space since 2015. Since then amR has collaborated with some of the biggest brands, athletes, musicians, filmmakers and actors as well as many private clients and collectors. amR’s work has been featured globally across the US, Europe, Australia and Japan in both retail and art gallery spaces.

In 2021 amR was commissioned by Doodles NFT project to create work for their NFT NYC New York launch and later that year amR featured again with Doodles at Art Basel Miami where with Kai’s help and design collaboration amR and Doodles launched an industry first custom PFP denim jacket which sold out before the launch. The jacket became the new must have for the community as holders were now able to own and wear the art of Burnt Toast with amR’s unmistakable embroidery style. It was an innovative and truly unique collaboration. 

In early 2022 amR began working with the Dippies NFT project on their merchandise and design. amR helped design and launch custom merchandise for the Dippies Picnic event at SXSW in Austin,Texas. Since then amR has worked with holders from some of the biggest projects in the NFT and Web 3 space including Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Admit One, Moonbirds and many more. In December of 2022 Kai was invited to be a guest speaker and panelist at Metaverse Miami in Miami, Florida. Kai was able to share is journey into Web3 fashion as well as be apart of an incredible community of entrepreneurs building into the future.

amR’s service’s range from boutique customization projects to design and strategy building for the NFT and DeFi merchandising. amR's unique experience working with some of the industry's most recognizable projects has helped the amR design and embroidery work stand alone as a truly elevated piece of art.

amR places a huge priority on sustainability and offers our clients many resources to help them build their project to meet the highest sustainability and ethical standards. 

If you would like to inquire about how amR can help you with your project please reach out below and we’d be happy to get back to you. We place a high priority on customer service and due to the boutique nature of our work we can help you with not only larger projects but also personal customers who wish to own a truly special piece of wearable art.